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Glacier Bay T Shirt

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Your purchase of this T Shirt helps support Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve.

The cool thing about this t-shirt is that the whale flukes (tail) on the back is from an actual Glacier Bay whale called Delphinium!  Fun hey?


It comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL & 3XL.

The whale flukes (tail) on the back of the t-shirt are inspired by Delphinium, a female humpback whale.  She is known as #1042 by researchers who observed her just outside Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve for many years. Scientists recognize individual humpback whales by the markings on their flukes, markings as unique as your fingerprints.


Born in 1987, Delphinium has had at least six calves – and one known grand-calf.  Researchers spotted her almost every summer since 1987.  It is likely that Delphinium winters in Hawaii.


Humpback whales get their name from the way they arch their back before they do a deep dive. Despite their size, they are remarkably acrobatic and often surprise visitors with their maneuvers, such as explosive full-body breaching, pectoral fin slapping, tail-lobbing and lunge-feeding.

These whales come to Glacier Bay for one reason: food. Having fasted the entire winter in the tropics, humpbacks spend the summer gorging themselves on the small schooling fish and krill found in the bay’s cold, nutrient-rich waters.